Man Arrested At Yorkdale Mall For Allegedly Installing Tracking Devices On Vehicles

A man from Montreal has been arrested for allegedly installing tracking devices on a vehicle in the Yorkdale Mall parking lot. On 2024February10 at approximately 3:20pm, a man was seen kneeling near a Range Rover SUV. Mall security was notified who then called the police.

Officers located a tracking device on the vehicle. Further investigations revealed another tracking device on another vehicle of the same make and model.

The suspect was arrested on scene along with an illegal firearm in his possession. Yannis Demmouche, 26, from Montreal faces 14 charges including two counts of criminal harassment and several weapons offences.

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Great job by the public that notified mall security and mall security for notifying Toronto Police. That is one criminal that is caught at the scene and with a firearm now off the streets.

Remember, if you see anything suspicious, DO NOT attempt to question or stop the individuals, call security or dial 9-1-1, report the location and what the suspect is wearing.


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